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{ About }

Before we tell you a little bit about ourselves…I want to give you my contact information:      email ~    ~ 816.769.1647 ~  Teresa Harris ~ 24311 Husk Road ~ Brookfield MO 64628

Our heritage is from rural America. Making things with our hands has not only filled a need, but has also given us an outlet to express our creative side. ~ Life is interesting to say the least & always messy! 🙂

Teresa ~ my love for making things really began with my Grandma Anna who from the time I can remember was my most favorite person in the world. She was always making beautiful things from nature.  She also recycled long before recycling was popular ~ making gifts ~ that people still treasure. The things that I have learned from my Grandma, Mom & others are immeasurable treasures. My love for nature, art & creating has developed in me an unquenchable desire to learn & create!  So I’m always studying, exploring & thinking of new things. I have been blessed with 4 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren. I hope to pass on to my grandchildren a love for nature, art & creating!

Jann ~ Super creative, prefers out of the box! Original ideas ~ Her creating inspired this small family business. Jan has 2 very creative children as well.  ~ Jann will tell us a little more about her self latter …. maybe 🙂 ~ written by mom

Jenny ~ growing up there wasn’t anything my mom couldn’t do, or make herself. Not only did this give us so much treasured time together but it also gave me a real appreciation for things that are unique. She also encouraged me to be creative and resourceful.  I would rather create a piece of jewelry or clothing than buy one new. Hopefully our pieces will give you an opportunity to be an individual and express yourself and truly be unique. We hope you enjoy our work!

Maddie ~ I have always been into art and creating. My dad started me with photography and I’ve taken classes since then and I love to take pictures and create my own art. And with the influence of my mom’s unique style, I really enjoy a vintage technique with both my style and with my photography. So I hope that my photography truly portrays our products to you!

If there’s something you like… our hope is that you find as much pleasure in it as we did making it! If you would like something created just for you…. contact us and we’ll talk.

We will be adding new items so be sure to check back!  If you would like emails of updates please fill out the form on the Contact page.

Hope you enjoyed your time with us!

Teresa, Jann,  Jenny & Maddie