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{ Custom }

SOME CUSTOM LISTING ARE AVAILABLE  WITHIN INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES.  EX: Girls dress:   “CUSTOM Order Girls Dress ~ Indigo Skyy Apparel, Leather Cuff/ Bracelets for the whole family,  or one of our most recent additions  Katniss Inspired Cowl Vest.” ~    Most things that we make can be made custom!

Of course you are always welcome to contact me for a consult ! My cell phone is 816-769-1647 ~ email ~ ~  Teresa ~ Call if you  have any questions! 🙂

Want a one of a kind piece? Is there a piece of jewelry or grandma’s lace you would like made into something wearable?  We’d love to work with you in creating or reinvented a piece of jewelry or a garment just for you.  See pictures below below for some examples. CLICK on pictures to read more details. We will continue to add to this portfolio & we’d love to add your picture wearing our creations.

DYING & RESTYLING GOWNS & SLIPS:  First a little about dying… we start by collecting gowns, slips & other vintage garments, some in perfect condition others already loved in a previous life (with a special charm not possible with a brand new garment). We have developed a dying process (our secret) that makes the garment color fast.

The tie dyed slips are truly wash & wear…over & over… surprisingly tough little garments! Unless otherwise stated  they are made of nylon!  ~  Of course there are a few garments that have been created using very old delicate fabric or pieces that would be better to hand wash…when this is the case it will be noted.

~ Check out “Kyle & Maddie’s Wedding Picture Album” with descriptions to see some of our most recent work. **Pictures above ~ click to open & read a description. ~